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it’s time to become who you really are.

Dreams.  We all have them.  But only a few of us actually reach them.

I talk with female entrepreneurs every day.  And I always ask them – what do you dream of in your business and in your life?

They give me the greatest answers.

More time off with family, amazing family vacations, spa days, girlfriend time, date nights, time for yoga and reading, building a team, giving back to the community, working with great clients in a business they love.

I can hear the passion and desire.  Strong.

If I asked you of your magnificent dreams and how you would get there, what would your answer be?

Would your voice become more timid?  More reserved? Not sure how you would ever actually achieve those things?

At the end of the day, the secret to those dreams lies in the numbers of your business.  PROFIT is what makes those dreams happen.  That’s it.

It doesn’t matter how HARD you work.  We all work hard.

It doesn’t matter which marketing trick you use.  They could ALL work.

It doesn’t matter which niche market you want to serve.  You can make money with any of them.

It doesn’t matter how many nights and weekends you sacrifice for your business.  Everyone does that.

At the end of the day, it’s all about the profit.  Profit makes your dreams reality.

It’s time to become a Financially Empowered CEO.

A FEM-CEO loves her numbers.

She loves using those numbers to make decisions about her business that pull more profits to her – creating a business and a life full of more freedom and more fun.

She knows what numbers she needs to look at in her business – and is comfortable and happy to look at them regularly.

She shows up to sales conversations completely confident in her pricing because she understands her costs.

She can expand her team because she’s clear about where her business is heading.

She looks at her business strategically and has a clear path to reach her goals.

Oh, and she definitely achieves her dreams!

Listen, I know numbers can be complicated.  But only if you let them.  Choose Door #2 and become Financially Empowered with us!

Listen, I know numbers can be complicated.

That’s why I created this support community.

I am passionate about entrepreneurs, especially women.  I believe that they have the power to change the lives of everyone they touch.  But, too many women are hiding from their numbers.  Avoiding the uncomfortable conversations about money.  And so their businesses never experience the profit they could – and these women aren’t able to have nearly the impact they hoped to.

If you ever have felt overwhelmed by the numbers with no idea where to turn, you are going to love our style of training.  I get it.  I have been helping entrepreneurs with their numbers for 15+ years.  My training & support focuses on easy to digest nuggets of information, actionable strategies, and easily implementable tactics that you can put into place and see immediate change in your business.

Here’s where the magic happens…

Training + Resources + Support  = Profit

Ready to commit to this equation?

Join Now!

You will make more money with less effort.  With your clear, easy to understand dashboard of numbers (Profitboard), you will know what works in your business and what doesn’t.  

You won’t have to sift through pages of financial statements and confusing metrics, you will have one page of GOLD.  You can use your Profitboard to make important decisions about your business and how you can meet your goals faster.

You won’t dread looking at your numbers, instead you will see them as a way to get closer to your goals, every day.

No more financial (dis)stress.

Your trusted advisor & supportive community will help you make empowered decisions about your business.

You will have a great system for working with your financial team.  You will know what to ask them for, how to get the information you need and what deadlines they should be meeting.  This puts you in the driver’s seat.

No more worry about that financial monster that *might* be under your bed, ready to leap out at any moment.

You will be able to make decisions that will come from a place of power and not fear.  No more financial indecision.   You will have a clear picture of where your business is going and what you need to do to get it there.

Your business finances will become a source of power, joy and profit!

Your $67 Monthly Membership Includes:

Monthly Training


Monthly Support Calls

FaceBook Group

Training Library

Templates & Swipe Files

Team Resources

Guest Experts

I'm In!

Prefer an upgrade? Check out Profit Plus:

If your dreams have urgent due dates, you may be interested in my Profit Plus program.

As a Profit Plus member, you get everything from the monthly program.  And we take the support even deeper by adding in one-one calls with me, unlimited email access – in addition to other fantastic upgrades depending on what your business needs based on where you are and where you are heading.

I only have space for a few very serious entrepreneurs at this level.  The first step is a short application as well as a phone call with me.  On that call, we will look at where you are heading in your business, and if the Profit Plus program is the right support you need to get you there.

Apply Now!